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What are the differences in your sticker shapes and cut types?

Explanations of our cut types What are the differences in your sticker shapes and cuts? Understanding the difference between custom shape...

What is a StickleMe?

The Truly Restickable and Reusable Eco-Friendly Sticker Adhesive Fun, custom, re-stickable, reusable graphic designs, photos, quotes, charts, invitations – really...

Will vinyl pull the paint off of my walls when removed?

Will vinyl pull paint off on walls when removed? Restickable StickleMe, Removable Genius Vinyl, and Removable Genius Vinyl Premium types...

What is the maximum size you can print?

We have yet to have a request that is too large. A one-piece (no seams/panels) typically maxes out at 5’x...

What’s the difference between Paper and Vinyl stickers on Roll Label Material?

Our paper material is easier to tear and is a cost-effective sticker label intended for indoor use only. A laminate...

How many labels come on a roll? Is it possible to get rolls packaged in certain sizes?

The quantity per roll is dependent upon the size of the labels. If the are smaller labels they are typically...

What sticker types are “wall safe”?

Our Restickable StickleMe material is by far the most “wall safe” easy to install and repositionable (multiple times). Also, easy...

Why is my print separating and “tunneling” from the liner paper?

Tunneling is something that occurs when vinyl and the liner backing that it is shipped with beginning to separate from...

How opaque is the roll label material compared to your regular stickers?

How opaque are the roll label materials? Our custom printed roll labels are intended for providing a cost effective, quick use adhesive...

What material and laminate should I choose for a sports arena dasher board print?

Choosing the right material and laminate for your advertisements comes down to it’s purpose. We work with many leagues that...

Can you write on your stickers with a pen or Sharpie?

How to choose the correct sticker to write on. You can write on all of our materials, but some may...

Do any of your materials stick to Stucco?

Do any of your materials stick to stucco? Most vinyls and printed adhesive materials will not stick to stucco walls....

Do You Print Neon, Reflective, or Metallic Colors?

Neon Printed Colors Our printers use CMYK print technology and do not print a true neon color. We do print...
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