Banners, Stands & Backdrops

Professional Display With Custom Business Banners

Re-positionable banner stickers, hanging custom vinyl banners, even retractable banner stands to let your business shine! Great for trade shows, parties, and events.

Banners for All Occasions

Custom banners are perfect for big events and big statements. Whether you are looking for a hanging banner to celebrate your grandmother’s 75th birthday with or a standing banner to show off your business’ litany of accomplishments and honors at a trade show, our beautifully printed banners will communicate your message in style. Sticker Genius has durable, colorful, fully customizable banners and reusable signs perfect for whatever event you are planning.

Your Banner, Your Vision

At Sticker Genius, we know that your banner has to reflect you. For a banner to be truly successful, your personal vision must be reflected. Our intuitive, easy-to-use website makes creating your perfect banner easy. Uploading your banner’s image is as simple as a few clicks. Not sure about the design you want for your customized vinyl banner? Not a problem. For a reasonable fee, our fantastic team of graphic designers can help you customize banners just the way you want. All of our banners can be custom-cut to the exact size and shape that you want. Our corporate banners are made in a number of different high-quality materials that will ensure that your banner will be ready for prolonged use. Your dream banner is just clicks away with Sticker Genius!

Customer Service is Our Priority

Making a fully customizable product online can have its hurdles. Working with poor customer service representatives can certainly be a hassle. With Sticker Genius, you will not have to worry about dealing with uncooperative customer service. Our team of highly trained “Stickologists” are ready to take on any problem you may have. From checking to see whether or not your product has been shipped to trying to add another identical banner to your order, our Stickologists are eager and ready to help you out. Order a banner and start working with Sticker Genius to get the perfect banner or reusable sign for your event!

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