To the windows…to the walls…how about floors?

With Sticker Genius’ Removable Floor Graphics you can add branding, advertising, or imagery to the floor of your business, home or event. Design your very own unique floor decals for your wedding, party or promotional event, and choose from a variety of durable materials that are ideal for the floor you want to dress, outdoor or indoor. Sticker Genius Floor Graphics apply smooth, stick great and are slip resistant. And when you’re ready to remove your Sticker Genius Floor Graphics, you can rest assured that they won’t damage the flooring or leave a sticky residue behind. Take your advertising and promotional tactics to the next level with our custom floor decals!

Floor Graphics for branding and directing traffic

We have branded everything from overpasses to theme parks to roofs. So why not the floor? This underutilized graphic sticker treatment can provide an eye-catching promotional tool for your logo or promotional ad when wall space is at a premium. Plus, these floor decals do a great job of directing traffic at your special event or trade show.

Graphics for any flooring

You will not believe all the kinds of surfaces floor graphics can be applied. If you are working with a smooth surface, there are very few places your Sticker Genius Floor Graphic cannot go. Our floor decals can also be ordered for installation on low pile carpets and outdoors too. We often get asked about the liability around slipping on floor stickers. Not to worry! All of our personalized floor graphics are non-skid overlaminate, making slips and falls extremely unlikely.

Floor Graphics of all sizes and shapes

Whatever your floor dimensions or materials, we have resources to custom create contoured shapes around the space you are dealing with. Installation is a snap and some of our floor vinyl graphics are re-positionable to an extent, so you do not have to feel the pressure of getting it perfect the first time.

  • Custom Shape Floor Graphics provide a non-skid sticker that sticks well to laminate.
  • Exact Cut Floor Graphics provide non-skid coverage that is cut to the edge of the sticker so it looks like a part of the flooring
  • Carpet Graphics magically stick to low pile carpeting when you need them to, and leave no mess behind when removed.
  • Outdoor & Sidewalk Floor Graphics are durable and weather-resistant up to 6 months in any area with regular pedestrian traffic
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