Sticker Genius™ is the new home of the truly Restickable StickleMe℠, as StickleMe℠ becomes a product name instead of a company name. This transition is driven by the successful growth of our commercial achievements.

Most customers find us to be the best restickable value on the internet…we combine the most expensive premium restickable material with advanced print technology/methodology, to bring super affordable and reusable customization.

StickleMe℠, (now Sticker Genius™), was co-founded by two Metro Detroit kids, and their parents, as a kid engagement effort. Our mission is to give back to communities through donations, education, and sustainability. We are a for-profit enterprise that utilizes social entrepreneurism to help teach kids about giving; as we strive to build a successful organization.

Sticker Genius™ is a leader in innovating restickable media. We specialize in creating custom wall graphics, business branding, room decor, and signage in the consumer, health care, sports, education, business marketing, retail and fashion industries.

A portion of the dollars that we receive from projects and web orders continue to help to fund our most important initiatives, which include giving and helping others. We look to work with groups that have similar goals.  We continue to donate or reinvest in community efforts, both near and far.  We help schools, non-profits and many types of organizations raise both awareness and significant dollars.  Much of this is driven by our innovational approach and ingenious products.

Sticker Genius’s commercial efforts are driven by our creativity and our mission to make a difference. This approach provides businesses with cost effective and sustainable solutions.  Let us help you with marketing ideas that “stick”.  As we continue to grow, we look to mentor in ways that can mutually benefit all participants, especially our clients.

Our clever school and sports efforts are driven by our active participation in both.  Check out our Team, Club, and School stores as a fundraising option for your organization.

Engage us, we strive for a positive experience.