Window Shopping With Sticker Genius

Visual merchandising is one of the most important parts of any retail-based business. How will you sell anything if no one is looking at it? A strong window display will help your business blossom. Sticker Genius has a number of different solutions for sprucing up your drab windows. From perforated window decals that allow shoppers to see inside the store while looking at your ad to basic vinyl window lettering that welcomes customers with a cool logo, Sticker Genius pieces will excite your customers. We offer fully customizable pieces, both big and small, that can fit any budget or business.

We Do It All In Style

Whether you just need a few of our Micro Suction Window Genius clings as an indicator that your products are being sold at a certain retailer or a whole set of temporary window graphics for your store’s remodeling, we will collaborate with you to ensure that you get the exact piece you are looking for. Our designers work hard to tailor each individual project to the customer’s expectations. Whatever vision you may have, our designers will find a way to realize it. Your windows will blow away regular customers and window shoppers alike with custom window graphics.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We call our customer service representatives “Stickologists” for a reason: they know our products inside and out. Whether you need a quote for a bulk order, a little help sizing your window stickers, or just need to ask a brief question about what the best material to use outside is, they will have your back. If you need help applying your stickers, fear not! We have video tutorials of how to properly use them. Sticker Genius can make your store look unbelievable, with our talented design team and band of Stickologists. Get started today!

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