Backdrop & Step and Repeat Banners

Design a red-carpet style backdrop that makes your brand stand out at events. Emphasize your brand name or logo for every photo op. Made with traditional vinyl or removable material for temporary banners. 13 oz matte vinyl material which is 'anti-glare' so that the flashes of photographers do not affect the photographs. The Step and Repeat phenomenon Step and Repeat Banners are already a phenomenon, and you'll know that if you've gone to a sponsored event lately. Custom Step and Repeat Banners are used as backdrops in sponsored events, red carpet events, opening events, closing ceremonies, media conferences and such other events where cameras will be pointed. The step and repeat stickers and banners create a uniform background splashed with brands that is subtle enough to use as a photographic backdrop. Sticker Genius offers Step and Repeat Banners in several styles: Step and Repeat Vinyl Banners Step and Repeat Re-positionable Wall Graphics Self-Install Re-positionable Wall Murals Wall Wraps and Coverings

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    Step and Repeat Vinyl Banner

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    Step and Repeat Repositionable Wall Graphic

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    Self-Install StickleMe Wall Murals

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    Wall Wraps & Coverings

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