Wall Wraps & Coverings

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Transform your space with customized full-coverage wall wraps. A fantastic way to wow visitors while still allowing the ability to maintain the surface behind it.

  • Full-color custom wall wraps from your photos or designs
  • Add to any high traffic area to showcase your brand or event
  • Permanent or removable options


Transform Your Space

The best way to creatively modify a plain or painted cement wall is with a Sticker Genius custom wall wraps. You can use your graphics, photos or both to permanently or temporarily make a vibrant wall that will display your images so much different than paint. The image on our full wall decals appear as if it is painted on the surface because it covers all of the cracks and crevices. However, it is actually heated into the surface. Our professionally installed full wall decal will leave your visitors in awe. A few advantages of a wall wrap versus a painted wall include the ability to adhere an actual photo to the surface, the ability to remove the wrap while maintaining the surface behind it, and total clarity of the graphic. Just as companies frequently wrap vehicles for advertising we have the ability to do the same with facilities. Sticker Genius can help your brand and promote your message or your organization in many different ways.

The Possibilities Are Endless

A creative idea for a custom wall wrap is to use a timeline graphic. This allows the organization to display both images and detail with regards to their history. It is a fantastic way to tell a story and wow visitors. Sticker Genius offers the solutions to use your facility as a giant canvas to express, advertise, or memorialize. Our custom wall wraps and wall mural prints can be applied to almost any type of wall surface and are guaranteed to make a huge impact on anyone who views them. Gone are the days where you are limited by what us offered via paint or wallpaper. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration or need assistance executing your vision you can contact one of our skilled Stickologists. They can answer any questions you might have about our whole wall decals.

  • Some of the facilities where we have installed custom wall wraps include:
  • Schools
  • Sports Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Event Centers
  • Catering Halls
  • Office Buildings

1 review for Wall Wraps & Coverings

  1. Todd

    Great product and service! The vinyl material was as expected in terms of print quality and finish (matte). The removable adhesive was great in terms of being able to stick and re-stick without losing adhesive quality. Looks great when applied to standard sheetrock, though you want to be sure that you’ve sanded any blemishes as the material is relatively thin and imperfections in the wall may appear as a small cast shadow.

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