Repositionable Sticker Signs

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Removable and reusable stickers that can be relocated to different locations or reused at another time. A simple and innovative way to get your message across.

  • Full-Color Prints
  • Easily Stuck to Smooth Clean Surfaces
  • Custom Shape Options


Make Your Message Stick With Sticker Signs

Known as the industry’s leader when it comes to custom sign decals, Sticker Genius creates your decal signs exactly as you would like it. We only use the highest quality materials that are eco-friendly. Our decal signs are removable and reusable stickers that can be stuck to a smooth, clean surface and can be relocated to another location or reused at another time. Just remove the vinyl sticker backing, make sure the area is clean and smooth, easily apply the sign decal and that is it! Ready to relocate your vinyl sticker decal, simply remove it from its current location and restick it somewhere else. Regardless if a business or individual, custom vinyl decals are an innovative way to share whatever message you like without harming your walls or other surfaces, easy to maintain and can be reused. Let Sticker Genius assist with creating something absolutely unique and remarkable.

Perfect For Marketing Promotions and Short Sales

For businesses, it is a simple and innovative way to get their message across with genius decal signs. They are simple to customize and come in any size, shape, color, and design. Because our custom vinyl decals come in any size and shape, they are convenient to stick on a door, window, wall, table, floor and more. All you do is submit your design and what you want, and Sticker Genius will take care of the rest. Do you have unused wall space, doors, windows, floors tables or anything else that you would like to cover with a sign decal for your business? Decal signs are even perfect for individuals, homes, schools, restaurants, hotels and more. Custom vinyl decals are becoming very popular with businesses and individuals over the country. It is a simple concept that is innovative and cost-effective!

Understanding How Our Materials Can Fit Your Needs

Regardless if you’re a business or individual, custom Repositionable Sticker Signs are an innovative way to share whatever message you like without harming your walls or other surfaces, these decal signs are easy to maintain, and some can even be reused. Our custom vinyl decals are great for your home office, family rooms, bedrooms, school lockers, business offices or workspace and more! Repositionable Sticker Signs come in three different material options. Our truly reusable and restickable “StickleMe” that can be removed and reused 100+ times as long as the adhesive is kept clean. Safe on almost all surfaces and sticks to just about anything. StickleMe is an incredibly popular material throughout businesses and corporate environments for fast and easy installation and removal. Another popular material is Removable Genius Vinyl (also available in Premium) which can be easily removed and repositioned for a perfect installation every time. Unlike StickleMe, Removable Genius Vinyl cannot be removed and reused multiple times but is a great cost-effective “removable” option that will not cause damage to the surfaces that it is being applied to. If you need assistance or have questions while creating Custom Repositionable Sign Decals, just call up one of our expert Stickologists who will be more than delighted to assist with your unique inquiries and needs.

This is a Removable and Repositionable vinyl. May pull paint on areas that have not been prepped properly. The primer and quality paint will determine removability. We are not responsible for damaged wall surfaces as we recommend testing our adhesives on your paint prior to ordering.

3 reviews for Repositionable Sticker Signs

  1. Alex Montanez

    The colors are bright and vibrant! Excellent materials and craftsmanship!

  2. Mike W.

    High quality print/sharp image – we have two custom creations (motivational posters) for our home gym. We love them and will be adding more!

  3. Marie (verified owner)

    The stickers worked perfectly for internal communications on large idea wall. Order was quickly executed & good quality.

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