Self-Install StickleMe Wall Murals

Turn any room into a unique work of art with a custom wall mural. Full coverage, brilliant, high-resolution color designs can easily brighten up any room.

  • Ideal for smooth, texture-less walls
  • Made from quality, paper-thin StickleMe material
  • Upload your own file or design online for free


Made for Self-Installation

Turn any wall into a masterpiece with our custom wall murals! Our stickers are unique and very different. They are printed on our Restickable, Repositionable, and Reusable StickleMe Material. The material of our wall mural stickers is very durable and easily comes off your walls without damaging the paint. Also, NOT leaving behind a gooey mess on your walls. Personalize your walls with custom wall murals featuring photos of events, scenery, or anything that is considered yours. We can also contour cut your removable wall mural stickers to have a unique shape. Bored with your walls? Give your office, business, event space and even your home a makeover with a custom wall mural that’s as easy to apply as peel and stick (and re-stick, if you like).

Bring Life Into Any Room

When you want to make a huge impact, our wall mural stickers are the way to go! Customize your walls with full-coverage photos of events, scenery, motivational messages or inspirational images. We can also contour cut your stickers to fit even the most unique space. Our custom wall murals are made-to-order so that we meet your specific requirements. Plus, the wall mural stickers are printed in brilliant, high-resolution color, so every design comes out looking its best. When your wall mural arrives, the first thing you will notice is the superior detail and uniformity in the printing, something that is unmatched by conventional custom wallpaper murals.

The Leader In Restickable Stickers

Our custom wall murals are different for one big reason: they are printed on our restickable, repositionable, and reusable StickleMe material. Stickles act like magnets that refuse to follow the rules. You can even crush, crinkle, fold, squash and shove your Stickles in a drawer and they will spring back to life when you are ready to use them. The material will stick to just about anything and it will still come off your wall without damaging paint—no gooey mess on your walls when you remove the mural. Used indoors or outdoors, your mural will resist fading, scratches and moisture for years! Don’t know what kind of design you want? Get in touch with one of our awesome Stickologists who can help.


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