Let Your Kids Express Themselves

Kids love to decorate their rooms with memories which is where our photo stickers come in! It is a fun and simple way for them to feel a sense of home. Whether your child wants to display a picture from his or her birthday party, soccer game, visit with Grandma, or piano recital, personalized photo stickers from Sticker Genius are an awesome way to let your child decorate their space without you having to worry about damage to the paint. Our personalized photo stickers are long-lasting, wear-resistant, and can be stuck and re-stuck up to 100 times. Your child will love being able to move their reusable wall stickers around their room.

Make Your Graphics Pop

Our personalized photo stickers are fully customizable. For our personalized stickers for kids, all you need to do is pick out a picture, decide on the shape you want, and send it off to us. Our experienced team of graphic designers will personalize and custom-cut your reusable wall sticker, taking great care to make your vision a reality. Do you have some pictures that you want to incorporate, but you are not quite sure how to? Our graphic designers can help you create a wonderful-looking, fully personalized photo sticker design for an additional fee.

Great Stickers for the Kids, Great Customer Service for the Adults

While your kids may help you out with the computer, solving customer service issues online usually ends up being a job for adults. Luckily, at Sticker Genius, our customer service is of the highest caliber. Our well-trained, knowledgeable, polite group of customer service representatives -- the “Stickologists,” as we affectionately call them -- are always accessible to you. Whether you need to change the cut on one of your reusable wall stickers or you just want to check on the shipping date, the Stickologists have got you covered. Start selecting your pictures and get your child some personalized photo stickers from Sticker Genius today!

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