How opaque is the roll label material compared to your regular stickers?

How opaque are the roll label materials? Our custom printed roll labels are intended for providing a cost effective, quick use adhesive label. We use both paper and vinyl material types. The material itself is very thin (2-3 mil before laminate – optional). They do not blockout existing graphics when applied on top. So if you are placing a label above existing text / objects the existing graphics will bleed through and be somewhat visible. Since the material is so thin for packaging and general labeling.

If you are intending to block out existing graphics. We suggest ordering our custom repositionable stickers.  The best type to use for this purpose is our Restickable StickleMe type. It works great as a cover up sticker.

We have other cover up/blockout options that have a black adhesive side that will cover up and some that will even blockout light. This is available by special order only. Please contact us for quote.

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