Our Genius Stickers, Your Great Ideas!

Sticker Genius helps companies and individuals in many different organizations brand or promote themselves through our removable, repositionable and restickable materials. Gone are the days where you are afraid to apply a sticker because because you will not be able to remove it later. Our creative sticker genius materials allow you to customize stickers and change your organization’s message to the interior walls of your home. Limited only by your imagination. Organizations are able to brand and promote themselves much more economically because of the changeability of our sticker genius materials.

Personalization and customization is the wave of the future

While we can provide permanent stickers, the ease and changeability of removable stickers makes customizing so much easier. Sticker Genius makes custom sticker printing affordable. If you need help coming with ideas about where to put your stickers, you can always contact our knowledgeable Stickologists, who will be glad to help you come up with creative ideas for your business and more.

Easy To Install

A tremendous benefit of using our repositionable materials is that they are made for self installation as well as self removal. Even if you mishandle or have not installed your graphic correctly, it can easily be peeled back and fixed. Of course, we offer professional installers for large applications but many of our products are made for self installation. Another cool feature of our removable products is that they stick to each other. This allows you to easily cover up an old message with a new message.

Here are a few popular applications for our creative StickleMe℠ products:

  • Interior wall murals
  • Reusable and changeable trade show products
  • Event marketing
  • Company logos for phones computers floors walls and more
  • Vehicle branding
  • Hospital signage
  • School signage and events
  • Team spirit
  • Multi-location signage (franchises)
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