Clear Decals

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Custom shape, peel and stick clear background decals. Great for intricate designs that cannot be cut as transfer decals. These custom clear decals will help keep your design or logo looking as clean as possible with a fully customizable printing and a transparent background.

  • White Ink Printing Technology
  • Transparent Background
  • Multiple Material Options

Repositionable Micro Suction and Static Cling material types are not recommended for vehicles unless applied from inside of the window.

Our Removable Genius Vinyl in clear is not recommended for walls or textured surfaces.



Nothing Is Cooler Than A Clear Decal

A clear vinyl sticker or custom clear decal looks fantastic and is a great alternative for intricate designs that cannot be cut as transfer decals. When you put it on the right surface, a clear vinyl sticker manages to look like it belongs perfectly while still catching the eyes of everyone who looks at it! These Custom Shape Clear Decals are also quick and easy to apply to save you time but still provide you with a flawless design.

White Ink Printing On Clear Decals

Our custom clear decals are perfect for all kinds of different situations and provide a simple, colorful design will let the decal pop without being too distracting. Our method of printing clear stickers uses 2 layers of ink.. There is one layer for a white ink base layer, then another layer with the CMYK inks. This provides color on clear decals that is more opaque than standard printers. The ink will not be 100% opaque. Therefore, if placing on a very dark surface color may shift based on application. We suggest testing using our free sample pack!

Choosing The Right Cut

One size does not fit all for our transparent vinyl stickers! Our personalized options allow these custom clear decals to be made-to-order. Simply upload your desired graphic onto our website, select the size of your transparent vinyl sticker, then the only limit left is your imagination! Circle, square, oval, rectangle, triangle, and even a custom option all your own. All of our Clear Decals are contour-cut, and can come in any shape you may want!

It’s not recommended to use matte laminate if you are applying clear decals to glass or windows that need to remain optically clear. This will make the clear vinyl appear cloudy and make the see-thru visibility blurry. Matte laminate is an option for windows and mirrors for customers that are trying to achieve this appearance.

Please review our file requirements to prevent delays on your order.

40 reviews for Clear Decals

  1. Tracy

    Very high quality and looked just like I hoped they would

  2. Hubert Womack

    Wonderful product and even better customer support! We got an email after our first order advising us to switch to a different product based on the size and type of wall sticker we needed! We really appreciated the guidance and the time they took to help us!

  3. jhiggins (verified owner)

    Great product and fantastic customer service. We had to spray water in order to not get bubbles but we also don’t have experience with this. They messed up our order but when I chatted with them they immediately refunded us product and shipping, printed the correct run and express shipped it. That was an order of 100 and now we’re ordering 4000. Highly recommended.

  4. Taryn Chee

    Ordered the clear decals and the exact cut transfer decals. They came out great! Fast turnaround too! Will be ordering again

  5. Alexia

    Perfect size and exactly what we needed. Great quality and fast shipping.

  6. Jeff

    After a couple of proofs to get it exactly the way we wanted, the stickers showed up perfect! We will be ordering these in larger quantities this time. Great quality and very fast.

  7. Carrie Sims (verified owner)

    These clear decal’s came out perfect – easy to use and help me promote my business. The ordering process with smooth, proofs were quick, and the quality is amazing! Will be a repeat customer for sure!

  8. timmyvball (verified owner)

    Loved the stickers and they were able to accommodate me even with my tough design. Super high quality and the turnaround time was even faster than expected! My only wish was the white text was a little more white on a black background but otherwise perfect!

  9. Asheley

    I have nothing but great things to say about this company! I ordered 3 different designs, front mount and back mount of all of them. the staff is very quick to respond to questions. fast turn around time. I am about to order my next set of sticker right now!

  10. Ava

    Stickers came out really nice! I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the stickers and the speed at which I got the design, made edits, and had it shipped! highly recommend

  11. Wignut1822

    Just what i wanted!! Sticker came out great with amazing quality!! Looks so good on the back of my truck! Thanks for a job well done!

  12. bradsloan16 (verified owner)

    Stickers came out great! Was the quickest and highest quality of all the companies I have worked with. Thanks for all the help.

  13. Kealea Foy (verified owner)

    Decals were PERFECT! Exactly what we were looking for. I needed help with vector conversion as well and the team was so helpful. I’m quite impressed with StickerGenius, and plan to use them for larger decals.

  14. Miles

    I am very impressed with the quality and quality control checks throughout the process. If you are nervous about submitting a proof or working with an online sticker company, don’t be. the process was seamless and quality is great!

  15. Juni Kim

    The best transparent stickers we’ve ordered. They’re even better than StickerMule :) I love the removable vinyl, I’ve sampled on several surfaces and it does not leave a trace of adhesive on the surfaces. Very sturdy and safe to use, and the vinyl is nice and thick. The printing is clean! Many sticker printers you’d see “dots” from the printing. Not here!

  16. Tim Masbruch (verified owner)

    They stuck to our tap handles really well and they look great!

  17. jdmguy559 (verified owner)

    superior customer service and amazing product quality.

  18. adam ewert (verified owner)

    Works perfectly and the glue is really strong! Used it on our mugs and they worked well even after being hand washed repeatedly

  19. Danielle Wisner

    We are very happy with the quality of the decal. The cut, colors and materials are perfect for our project.

  20. danswendsen1 (verified owner)

    Very happy with the precision of their printing. Even with minute details, the lines were still sharp and looked great!

  21. Alex Rode (verified owner)

    These stickers were perfect. Our team used the clear vinyl with matte finish and they were exactly what we needed. Printing was clear and crisp allowing the barcodes to scanned easily.

  22. Lynda Schlarman (verified owner)

    We ordered stickers to put on stainless steel and they work great! They stick well but come right off if needed. Sticker Genius has great customer service, quick turnaround, and very reasonable pricing. We will definitely be ordering more!

  23. Tommy (verified owner)

    These things work perfectly. I use them on the back of items in my Inn’s gift shop. The logo came out exactly right and the stickers look great!

  24. Mike Dahm (verified owner)

    I ordered clear decals to put on wristbands and they worked perfectly. They were the exact size and color ordered.

  25. Todd (verified owner)

    The clear decals are a little thin; when using them on darker colors the background will show through, especially on white areas. I would suggest using white decals in these situations instead of the clear. Overall, the quality of the printing and turnaround times were very good.

  26. Jacqueline

    Great product, amazing customer service and extremely fast turnaround. Couldn’t be any happier with this purchase!

  27. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Quality of the decals was great, and the artwork came out perfect. I ordered these to add sponsor logos to vinyl banners we had from past events and it worked out great! Much less expensive than getting a new banner and the decals blended in very well. When customer service saw that I needed them more quickly than normal turnaround time, they contacted me and offered a great price on a rush order. I’ll use again for our next event if we have new sponsors!

  28. Heather (verified owner)

    These stickers are perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Great quality and a great price! Can also order as many or as little as I want and still have great pricing. We put these on the back of my husbands truck. The clear deals look awesome on the white body but hard to see on the tint so well get more decals with the white background. Customer service was fantastic! And the sticker samples were a huge help. Will definitely order again soon.

  29. Ryan Kerrick (verified owner)

    I needed a 50 year old logo touched up and remade into a clear permanent sticker and sticker genius provided exactly what I needed. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I’ll be ordering more for a similar project. Amazing service. Thanks again!

  30. Spencer Starr (verified owner)

    These were exactly as described and perfect to the specifications of what I ordered! The custom shape cut out option saved me a lot of time and I really appreciate that touch. Definitely going to order again!

  31. shanae (verified owner)

    the clear decals made my hydroflask look so cute!! i get compliments on it all the time and im very happy with the results

  32. Marshall Lockie (verified owner)

    I was very happy with this project. Colors were vivid and saturated and perfect for my application. Thank you geniuses!

  33. Mig Jabs (verified owner)

    Very impressive printing… nicely done… exactly done as i ordered it… will recomend Sticker Genius to anybody who wants quality work…

  34. Ally Quick (verified owner)

    The product was everything we ever wanted and so much more! Their team worked with us to help our sticker to be exactly what we were looking for. Defintely the company you want to make your customer stickers! :)

  35. Melissa (verified owner)

    Perfect! Great quality & print. The proof came quickly with wonderful customer service. So happy we are ordering more. Thank you!

  36. Heather (verified owner)

    These worked great, look just like the proof and got here quickly. Exactly what I needed!

  37. Carissa (verified owner)

    Great product! Quality was just as described and can be moved over and over. Will buy again!

  38. Carissa (verified owner)

    Great product that does exactly as described. My company will be using them as portable desk name tags!

  39. Bridget (verified owner)

    Timely and quick to receive. excellent customer service. got the right size and it works great!

  40. Christa

    Absolutely LOVE these decals! They hold up well, and remove easily (I’ve got them on my laptop, phone, and notebook). The support team has also been stellar to work with. Will be buying again.

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