What material and laminate should I choose for a sports arena dasher board print?

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Choosing the right material and laminate for your advertisements comes down to it’s purpose. We work with many leagues that need a reusable/removable coverup for indoor soccer leagues covering up dasher board ads for certain events. Contrasting, we work with a lot of arenas looking for the most permanent durable material you can find.

Reusable or Removable

If your intended purpose is for temporary quick use ads, or coverups for events. Then we have many options from reusable or removable adhesives. It’s best to contact our support team to determine the correct combination for your purpose.

Permanent / Arena League Use

If you are using dasher board advertisements for their traditional use. Then you’ll want to choose our Xtra Strength Permanent material type for the adhesive option. Then you have to choose your laminate. By default we would suggest our standard gloss over-laminate to protect your prints for a season. Most commonly used in hockey rinks and can withstand pucks abuse. They will be durable for 1 season in a normal gameplay environment. The areas under player benches may require additional protection by a product such as Lexan or similar shield laminate to eliminate skate damage. We do not provide Lexan and would need to be sourced out from an external company. Our permanent adhesive is permanent, but when it comes time to remove they are still capable of  removing because of the surface energy of the boards.

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