Will vinyl pull the paint off of my walls when removed?

Will vinyl pull paint off on walls when removed? Restickable StickleMe, Removable Genius Vinyl, and Removable Genius Vinyl Premium types (material types can be found on many of our Custom Wall Graphics) are technically wall safe and will not pull paint or damage most surfaces. For best results it’s recommended to have surface that has primer layer and final layer of paint using a high quality paint that has cured for up to two weeks. Not just paint on drywall. Cheaper paint jobs will increase the odds of the vinyl pulling paint upon removal.

Also, another variable to think of is that any adhesive that has been applied to a surface a long time (over 1-2 years) eventually becomes more permanent to the surface. It can be removed but may alter the surface upon removal due to the length of install, and the environment that it has been in (indoor/outdoor). If you are still uncertain please contact us for full explanation, but in most cases our removable vinyl will come off easily.

It’s always recommended to request a free sample pack to test as well to test on surface prior to ordering.

Dry Erase Repositionable Wall Vinyl
Example of wall safe removable vinyl - This is our Genius Vinyl type
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