Do any of your materials stick to Stucco?

Do any of your materials stick to stucco? Most vinyls and printed adhesive materials will not stick to stucco walls. Our popular Restickable StickleMe will stick to some painted cinderblock but still not stucco. This is mainly due to the texture of these surfaces.

However! We offer premium heat conforming vinyl that capable of being heated and foam rolled into the texture of the wall. Allowing for a clean “painted on” look to your textured wall.

This will work with bumpy stucco, but not recommended for “spiky” stucco (think 1980’s ceilings), cinderblock, tile, concrete, and other similar textured surfaces. The spikes will want to pop through the vinyl as you are installing with the foam roller.

See our how to guide for installing heat conforming vinyl wall decals.

Large Printed Wall Graphics
Example on cinderblock
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