Why is my print separating and “tunneling” from the liner paper?

Tunneling is something that occurs when vinyl and the liner backing that it is shipped with beginning to separate from each other. Creating tunnels between the adhesive and liner. Most commonly, this occurs when:
  • The material has been tightly rolled
  • There is transfer tape applied to you graphics
  • Material has experienced temperature changes
  • The vinyl adhesive has “low tack” making it easier to release from the liner
  • Been stored away for long periods of time
Not to worry, tunneling will not affect the installation of your graphics By using the squeegee pattern shown in the demonstration video below, you can install your graphic without any visible lines from the tunneling being seen. If introduced to moisture-rich environments like warehouses, shipping trucks, and mailrooms, a small tunnel can form when the vinyl lets loose from the liner. The liner paper is paper and a bit more rigid, so it doesn’t move with the vinyl adhesive.

Tunneling is most commonly seen post-production when you unroll the finished graphics for install. It’s recommended for thinner and more sensitive low tack vinyl to lay flat for a few hours before attempting an install to allow for the vinyl to relax a bit and make it easier to work with.

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