How do you install a PhotoSlap® wall graphic?

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PhotoSlap® Simple Installation
Use this guide to install your PhotoSlap® wall print. Install your PhotoSlap® on an indoor smooth wall surface. If your wall has been recently painted please allow 2-3 weeks for the paint to fully cure. 
We recommend installing on any of the following surfaces:
  • Painted Drywall
    High gloss finish or eggshell. Porous and slightly textured surfaces will not allow the adhesive to make full contact with the surface. Therefore, unfinished drywall, matte or flat paint are not recommended.
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood that has been painted or coated with a Polyurethane
Surfaces not recommended are:
  • Textured walls
  • Brick or cinder block
  • Porous / textured surfaces
  • Outdoor environments 
Your package includes a squeegee to help install your PhotoSlap®. Use squeegee to install using the methods below. After installation it is recommended to go over the PhotoSlap® with the squeegee and apply pressure, as the material is pressure activated and will spread the adhesive to make full contact with the surface. If you notice the edges not making full contact after installation keep applying pressure for the next few days as this will help it remain firm to the surface.
  1. Open box and lay flat
    It’s recommended to unroll the PhotoSlap® and liner and allow to lay flat 1 hour prior to installation. This will allow the material to relax, and help you manage the positioning of the print.
  2. Prep and clean surface
    You will want to go over the surface with a damp cloth, rag, or shop/lint-free towel (preferably not paper towel – but can be used if that is all that is available). This is to remove any dust or debris. If you notice any bumps of paint that may affect the installation you can use a tool to scrape it off. 
  3. Peel and apply first section
    Peel back the top 8″-12” of the decal and curl the liner behind itself. Begin to apply the 8″-12” to the wall. You do not have to squeegee just yet. Just use your hands to swipe from side to side. With moderate pressure.
  4. Pull liner and apply
    Next pull the liner paper from behind and swipe with your hand from side to side. Starting from the center and pushing outwards to the edges.
    TIP: When pulling the liner you will come to complex shapes for the shoulders, hands, legs, etc. You will want to pull the liner slowly at those points and use fingers to release the vinyl from the liner at those points. This will prevent the vinyl from tearing where there are hard angles caused by the complex shapes.
    TIP: For areas that have “inner cuts” (cuts inside of the body – see below) you may have to pull the liner 18”-24” from the area so that the vinyl lays flat on the surface then swipe to install. If you reach the point where the vinyl connects back to itself and have excess vinyl. You may need to peel back that section and try again.
  5. Continue swiping to install
    Next, continue all the way down pulling the liner paper 12”-16” at a time and applying the exposed sections.
    TIP: The installation process can be done with one person, but is recommended to have 2 people to make the process easier. 
    TIP: If at any point you experience problems or bubbles you can easily pull back vinyl and reposition until you get it right!
Enjoy your #photoslap

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