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What is a StickleMe?

The Truly Restickable and Reusable Eco-Friendly Sticker Adhesive

Fun, custom, re-stickable, reusable graphic designs, photos, quotes, charts, invitations – really anything you can think of that can be printed. What is this restickable wall decal? Made from a paper-thin material with a self-adhesive backing, Stickles act like magnets that refuse to follow the rules. More importantly, StickleMe℠ are a way for schools to raise money, family and friends to share memories, businesses to stand apart from the crowd and a way for you to express yourself. Vinyl wall decals you say? No way!

Our StickleMe℠ wall graphics are better than vinyl wall decals, signs, banners and flags because they go up in a jiffy, stick to just about anything, never leave a mark or residue, won’t damage paint or your surfaces, don’t use glue and can easily be moved, stored and reused just about anywhere! You can even crush, crinkle, fold, squash and shove your Stickles in a drawer or on a shelf and they will spring back to life when you are ready to Stickle away!

The unique material(s) are weather-resistant and durable, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. StickleMe℠ are custom printed in small quantities or bulk and are re-useable creations designed to stick and re-stick many times. We design custom wall stickers for kids of all ages, along with your imagination (and our artists) or your artwork and photos to create the wall decor, decals, stickers, decorations, signs, banners, flags, sports, schools and team spirit of any shape, size or color! We even make StickleMe℠ Business Cards!

Save Money With Reusable Stickers!

See it in action!​

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