Do You Print Neon, Reflective, or Metallic Colors?

Neon Printed Colors

Our printers use CMYK print technology and do not print a true neon color. We do print using CMYK plus additional inks that allow us to print outside of the normal CMYK color gamut. We have had some success using some Pantone (PMS) colors to achieve this pseudo-neon appearance, but cannot guarantee a full neon color. There are some good articles for indicating which Pantone colors to use. It will be your responsibility to save your designs in CMYK color mode with the intended Pantone color assigned to your vectors. Indicate in your order notes that you’ve assigned vectors with PMS colors for pseudo-neon print. If you are using Pantone Colors make sure you are using the type that has your number followed by a “C” for coated. For example Pantone 138 C.

Reflective Film

We do have options for providing reflective vinyl, but it would be cut vinyl and not printed on. Very popular for vehicles that require reflective lettering.

Foil or metallic vinyl prints

All of our prints use CMYK inks and do not offer metallic or foil finishing options.

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