Custom Shape Sticker Tutorial

How To Make A Custom Shape Outlined Sticker

You may be wondering “how do I create an outline around my graphic?” Well, it’s a very simple process that using an Illustrator effect called …

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Custom On Demand Graphics

Our Company Will Be Stuck On You

Sticker Genius will bring whole new meaning to the concept of sticking to what you know! StickleMe stickers are restickable ways to showcase your logo, …

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Custom Bedroom Stickers

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stick With Sticker Genius

Kids love nothing better than to decorate their own spaces, but giving them a can of paint and letting them go to town is just …

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Restickable StickleMe's

Sticker Genius And StickleMe, The Perfect Combo

Sticker Genius will bring whole new meaning to the concept of sticking to what you know! StickleMe’s are restickable ways to showcase your logo, branding, …

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Mesh Banner

We Are Stuck On Group Pride!

Being part of a sports organization or club can be a very fun experience. Many people love joining with other people who are like-minded in …

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Atlantis Phone StickleMe's

Leave Your Mark Literally With StickleMarks

StickleMarks are a brand new customizable, promotional product from Sticker Genius! StickleMarks are a customizable sticker that is restickable and repositionable. Sticklemarks are a totally …

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Logo Mascot Designer

So Custom And Unique, You Can’t Help But To Take A Peek!

Sticker Genius is your number one source for terrific products that your organization, sports team, company, or school will benefit from! Whether you’re interested in …

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Business Branding Stickers Touchpoints

Restickable Branding Brings Big Business

Business owners, schools, and other organizations often avoid purchasing banners for their events because once the banner is made, it cannot be changed. Since many …

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Custom Trailer Removable Decals

Frankenmuth “Stuck” On Sticker Genius

Frankenmuth Brewery and Sticker Genius “stuck” together on Saturday, July 20, when they participate in the Michigan Bier Celebration at the Harvey Kern Pavilion in …

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Bright Hearts Restickable Wall Graphics

We Brought Stickers Back In A Big Way

Did you like stickers as a kid and loved decorating everything? We did too! But, Were you often frustrated that they tore easily? Fret no …

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