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Frankenmuth “Stuck” On Sticker Genius

Frankenmuth Brewery and Sticker Genius “stuck” together on Saturday, July 20, when they participate in the Michigan Bier Celebration at the Harvey Kern Pavilion in Heritage Park. Taste testing of award-winning beer, craft beer, lagers, ales, cider and Frankie’s Root Bier from a host of renowned breweries provided a souvenir Oktoberfest boot sampler glass which was included with admission. There was also three live bands and a DJ for musical entertainment.

Bunnies & Butterflies Room Decor

Custom Room Makeovers

As a surprise, we decided to give a room customization for two girls, ages eight and fifteen. We took two different approaches, both with successful results. For the eight year old Skylar we asked her to draw whatever she likes on her whiteboard. She drew a butterfly, which we captured with our camera phone, along with a photo of her baby blanket from her room. We also took a couple of pictures of Madi’s, the fifteen year old’s room, to capture both the space and colors for our stickologist (graphic designer) to work with.

StickleMe Sticker Peel

What’s a StickleMe?

Did you know that Sticker Genius was originally called StickleMe? That’s right, our brand was actually founded out of one of our most popular products, Restickable StickleMe. It’s pretty much the product that started it all here at the Genius Lab. Please don’t be fooled by the silly name, Restickable StickleMe is truly a remarkable product.

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