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In the past, most promotional golf outing signs were environmentally unfriendly, as it would be printed for one day of use and thrown away after the outing. But not anymore! Sticker Genius offers a fantastic product to increase revenue for your next golf outing that allows you to print and reuse year after year, or even replace/cover up prior sponsor logos. Not only will these decals help your organization to save money, but Custom Golf Cart Graphics will also provide a new and inexpensive way to generate additional sponsorship dollars at your next fundraising event. Our custom order decals and packages will allow you to be creative and provide unique, one of a kind advertising at your next fundraiser.

Golf Carts with Sponsor Stickers

Golf Outings – Sticker Genius Style

Every year our company works alongside several national nonprofits to assist with their golf outing needs. Since these organizations are located a few thousand miles away, all of our efforts are always done remotely. Even from a distance, our products and involvement are still able to effectively promote sponsors and significantly increase fundraising donations each year. So, whether you’re raising money for a special cause, or just trying to put your company’s best face forward at an annual outing, our golf cart graphics and signage are the perfect way to do so! By selling premium packages for the golf carts, beverage carts, holes, and putting contest, Sticker Genius can help to increase fundraising at your next event.

Golf Cart Graphics

Unfortunately, most golf courses do not get involved in signage for outings. In fact, most golf courses are not in sync with anything about the outing concept altogether. While owners will often want the additional revenue, the golf operations generally view outings as too much work to deal with. The same generally holds true for the host organization. While they need the additional revenue, the promotion and signage are usually left up to a volunteer with no graphics experience or tools. If you or your organization has found yourself in a similar situation, let us help you. Our innovative products and skilled team members can help you bring your ideas to life in a bright and bold way. Let Sticker Genius help you turn heads and increase donations at this year’s event out on the green.

Popular Golf Outing Products:

Country Club Cart Stickers

We have found a way to solve this dilemma by using restickable and repositionable stickers in conjunction with vinyl lettering to create reusable banners! Now, schools, businesses, and charity organizations can get the most from their advertising budget, while increasing their exposure and generating more income. Sticker Genius specializes in making custom StickleMe stickers for any imaginable purpose! These stickers can come in any size, from life-size stand-ups to small window clinging stickers. These custom decals are perfect for decorating or promoting any business, school, or home.

Teachers find that a repositionable wall mural based on their core subject is a great teaching tool! Since the stickers are removable, the teacher can take them into any classroom that they are assigned, perfect for teachers who move around there school often! We also can create school spirit stickers, school pride stickers, locker stickers, and sports program decals that can be used as incentives, rewards or school fundraising efforts. Schools signs or banners can easily be created using removable stickers, enabling the sign to be changed with each fundraising event.

For businesses, we offer a wide variety of promotional and décor items that can change the way you do business. Giant wall graphics can be used for specific promotions and easily removed until the business runs that event again. Restickable photos are a great way to create collages of new products or services for your clientele to see. These photos can be easily changed, keeping your display fresh. Car and motorcycle performance shops are also very fond of our products. We can create custom repositionable car decals, standard car decals, and helmet stickers. Many of the helmet decals can be matched to repositionable decals for the motorcycle. When we print we often look for the constant and the variable. The constant is like the organization’s name (header/footer) and the variable is the event and or date. StickleMe can save money designing an area for the variable to hold a StickleMe for each event.

Sticker Genius is with you on the sports field too! Show off your team spirit with our custom sports decals and banners that are completely custom designed by you. Helmet stickers are the best way to show your school pride. These helmet decals can also be moved and changed whenever you want! When you add custom stickers and decals to your equipment so you’ll never misplace it with a fellow teammate. Put a custom sticker on that baseball glove, or keep it on your duffle bag!
Got a favorite hat or water bottle?! Why not personalize that too!
Sticker Genius is great for school too! There is no better way to help with school fundraising than advertising for them with custom repositionable car decals! Fundraising has never been this easy or effective before!

Hockey Helmet Stickers

You can also show your school pride by selling stickers branded with your school’s name and logo! Parents would love to show their families school spirit with car decals. Kids would love to display their school spirit with locker stickers and laptop skins. And for schools, you can make their signs pop when personalized by Sticker Genius. Students running for class president, promoting events and dances could benefit from our banners for advertisement. Sticker Genius decals and banners are created of the utmost quality and are sure to impress. Visit today to get customized!

After telling people that they could restick 100 or so times as long as the is kept clean, we noticed their “serial re-sticking” occurred during the meeting. In other words, most people in the meetings will stick and re-stick the card continuously without realizing it. Additionally, we would come back for subsequent meetings and see the cards stuck in different places in offices. This led us to the realization that StickleMe’s make great branding pieces. Not only do they offer a business card that “sticks” around, but the same concept can apply to your brand or message. Sticker Genius offers a tremendous branding idea that will show up in unexpected areas on a consistent basis. Since our creations are fun and create curiosity, they do not get put in the trash. They also do not get put in desk drawers with frequency.

fra vat - frankenfranken muth StickleMe's on vatfranken on vat

Why not order your promotional items without expensive add-on printing charges and put a removable StickleMe branding piece on the item (cups, water bottles, etc.). Our clients discover that the branding pieces get removed and “stick” around much longer than the promotional piece. Frankenmuth Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in the US uses our branding pieces for their refillable growlers. Growlers are a great looking glass jug that is etched with the Frankenmuth name.

They are filled with one Frankenmuth twelve or so great tasting offerings and a 2” restickable circle is put on the growler cap to identify the contents such as their Octoberfest or Frankies Root Beer. The growlers are made to take home and bring back to the brewery and refill. Customers put the branding pieces on the bottle for collectibles or to stick wherever they wish to show off the Frankenmuth brand. The stainless beer vats at the brewery have 36” round matching branding pieces.

Restickable StickleMe’s are especially useful because they are easily applied and removed without damage to the car. This means they can quickly be swapped out for a new advertising campaign to keep a company’s image fresh and unique. The price point is at least 50% less expensive than long-lasting vinyl. Allowing companies to justify refreshing annually. Today, more people than ever are faced with long commutes. For many, time spent on the road and in traffic has steadily been increasing. This can be an excellent time to get your message across to a captive and bored audience. Cars in our society are present everywhere we go, from shopping malls to the drive-thru. This makes vinyl vehicle graphics and vinyl window graphics an excellent way to keep your product or service on the consumer’s mind in every environment.

Stickleme Vehicle Graphic

Maximize Your Advertising

Research has shown that mobile billboard systems such as vehicle graphics can perform at a stunning 94% to 97% recall rate, which is over twice as effective than a traditional billboard. In addition, almost 100% of respondents surveyed believed that the use of these mobile graphics was more effective than a simple billboard. A separate report found that sales increased over 100% during a mobile graphic campaign. Mobile graphics such as vinyl vehicle wraps have been shown to be far more noticeable and memorable than traditional advertising techniques.

Due to the very nature of mobile advertising, vehicle advertising stickers can be introduced to a multitude of environments and demographics with ease. By simply driving to a new area, a company can reach many more viewers than a traditional stationary advertisement.

This benefit also makes it extremely cost effective. Rather than spending a large amount of money buying a myriad of billboards in different locations, a single car with vinyl graphics only involves the initial cost of the graphic wrap. This means that vinyl vehicle advertising has an incredibly low cost per impression compared to other methods of advertisement.

Removable Sports Car Graphics

Despite the clear benefits of this advertising technique, not many businesses have adopted the use of vehicle graphics yet. This means that those who do still have the opportunity to stand out among the crowd before this type of advertising becomes commonplace. A flashy repositionable vehicle advertisement could be the investment of a lifetime for new startups and established companies alike.