After telling people that they could restick 100 or so times as long as the is kept clean, we noticed their “serial re-sticking” occurred during the meeting. In other words, most people in the meetings will stick and re-stick the card continuously without realizing it. Additionally, we would come back for subsequent meetings and see the cards stuck in different places in offices. This led us to the realization that StickleMe’s make great branding pieces. Not only do they offer a business card that “sticks” around, but the same concept can apply to your brand or message. Sticker Genius offers a tremendous branding idea that will show up in unexpected areas on a consistent basis. Since our creations are fun and create curiosity, they do not get put in the trash. They also do not get put in desk drawers with frequency.

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Why not order your promotional items without expensive add-on printing charges and put a removable StickleMe branding piece on the item (cups, water bottles, etc.). Our clients discover that the branding pieces get removed and “stick” around much longer than the promotional piece. Frankenmuth Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in the US uses our branding pieces for their refillable growlers. Growlers are a great looking glass jug that is etched with the Frankenmuth name.

They are filled with one Frankenmuth twelve or so great tasting offerings and a 2” restickable circle is put on the growler cap to identify the contents such as their Octoberfest or Frankies Root Beer. The growlers are made to take home and bring back to the brewery and refill. Customers put the branding pieces on the bottle for collectibles or to stick wherever they wish to show off the Frankenmuth brand. The stainless beer vats at the brewery have 36” round matching branding pieces.

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