However, one of the most common problems that organizations and clubs have is creating an identifiable image that can be used for promotion and empowerment. Even those who are fortunate enough to have the creative capacity to make their own logo have trouble creating products based around their organization or club. Creating products based on a group’s activities or aspects can be a great way for members to show off their affiliation and pride while bringing in extra money which can be put back into the functions of the group. Even those who are not members but support the actions and activities of a club can buy the products to help lend support. But, one of the biggest hurdles is the fact that many clubs and associations do not have a distributor to help them construct their products and give them out to the public.

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How We Can Help

Sticker Genius is an online store that aims to change all of this. We can take a club, association or organization’s branding and turn it into products that can be used for promotion. Sticker Genius handles all of the distribution and creation. All that needs to be taken care of from the association’s perspective is the handing over of branding elements so that products can be produced. Every organization is different, that’s why each Sticker Genius fundraising page is customized to offer your organization the highest possible return on your investment. Our service is extremely easy to use and has provided products for many associations and clubs. Our store’s ease of use, affordability and excellent customer service are just a few of the excellent reasons why people choose our store to make their products.

Sticker Genius offers a variety of restickable, removable, and reusable products including logo stickers, helmet stickers, player wall cutouts, team photo cutouts, team banners, restickable signs and banners, back of the car stickers, restickable photos, photo frame stickers, and posters all with the ability to be branded with a team, a company, or organization’s logo.
Sticker Genius also allows club or association members to send information such as logos or other branding elements by phone. We handle all of the website content, setting up an online store automatically, taking out all of the headaches of selling items in an online environment. With a vast selection of items to fit any occasion and an ability to be highly customized, Sticker Genius is the place to turn to for those who need products produced based around their branding elements. Visit our fundraising program page for more information.

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Have you ever asked yourself “how do I create an outline around my graphic?”

Well, it’s a very simple process that can be done by using an Illustrator effect called Offset Path. Have you heard of “Offset Path”? It basically expands your vector shapes automatically by whatever dimension you tell it to. Check out how easy it is with either vector or raster-based files in this quick tutorial.

So by creating a duplicate of your vector shape and using Pathfinder to “unite” the entire shape. You can then apply the offset path to outline your graphic.

The main reason for doing this is when printing very complex and detailed shapes the outline will hold everything together and make it one sticker. Easier to apply and handle. Especially when using our restickable and removable StickleMe decals. That can be peeled off and reapplied multiple times. We hope we were able to help you figure out how to make custom shaped outline stickers!


Vector & Raster File Types

Vector and Raster Graphics

Vector Graphics
A vector graphic is made up of scalable lines and shapes. Because these graphics made up of nodes, shapes & paths rather than pixels, vector graphics can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Vector graphics are also normally are very small in file size.
Vector file types: ai, pdf, eps, svg

Raster Graphics
Raster file types are pixel based graphics. Pixels graphics are little squares that make up the image. Any type of photograph or raster graphic is made up of pixels and the resolution of images are measured in ppi (pixels per inch) or dpi (printed dots per inch). The higher the ppi or dpi and larger dimensions for your image or design the better it will print.
Raster file types: jpg, png, gif, tiff, raw, psd

**Due to variations in acceptable standards with raster-based prints. We cannot guarantee the print resolution will meet your qualifications unless you supply us with a high-resolution raster graphics. In some cases, our graphic designers can vectorize your logo or design if you need a file in a more scalable format.

What Do The File Names Stand For??

.jpg or .jpeg (Joint Photographic Expert Group)

.png (Portable Network Graphics)

.ai (Adobe Illustrator)

.psd or .psb (Photoshop Document)

.pdf (Portable Document Format)

.eps (Encapsulated PostScript)

.tif or .tiff (Tagged Image File Format)

.indd (Adobe InDesign Document)

High-Resolution Files (DPI Guidelines)

For best print results it’s recommended to use higher resolution raster graphics. A minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) should be used as a general guideline for your raster-based files. Sometimes referred to as PPI (pixels per inch). It is recommended to always check your file image resolution before submitting by zooming into 100% and examining the image. This allows you to see pixel resolution at the same size as it will be printed. You can check your documents dpi level in Photoshop by clicking on “Image > Image Size” in the menu bar. DPI or PPI is referred to as resolution.

**Sticker Genius will accept all levels of dpi just be aware that if you submit a file with low-resolution it will most likely have some pixelation and/or blur. We will do our best to analyze your file the best we can to let you know how well it will print.

Good and Bad Image Pixelation

In conclusion, we prefer VECTOR files for a majority of our projects. It will also produce the best print results and the fastest turnaround time for your project. Although, we’re very flexible at Sticker Genius, and will accept almost any file type. Some custom products require different file types. If you’re unsure if your file meets our requirements, you can always contact our team of Stickologist and they can assist in letting you know if your file will print.

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