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If you need a quote to upgrade your shipping. Please send email to support@stickergenius.com with your order number and request.



When You Need It in A Hurry, We Are Here for You

Ordering products from Sticker Genius is a breeze. When you have your order ready, simply use our handy online store to confirm, and we will ship your stickers straight to your address in a very short time. And, in those situations where you require even quicker delivery, you can take full advantage of our special, world-class expedited shipping.

Deadlines have a nasty way of moving forward without warning. If your party, political function or business promotion suddenly requires the use of the decals you ordered a lot sooner than you thought, we can sort it all out for you. Just drop us a note and we will quickly send you out an expedited shipping quote.

Expedited Shipping at Your Request

Whatever your reasons may be for needing your order quicker than usual, we are ready and willing to make it happen with our expedited shipping available. Our rates are extremely reasonable and always based on current, realistic shipping conditions. We can have your order to you faster than you think, so let us know exactly what we can do for you.

How to Expedite Your Shipping Order

If you have already received an expedited shipping price quote from us, just pull up your order, add the price of the quote to it and go straight to checkout. If you have any special notes or comments that we should pay attention to, simply add them to the “Notes” section that you will find on the checkout page. We will have your order out to you before you know it.

Fast and Friendly Service Is Our Claim to Fame

Here at Sticker Genius, fast and friendly service has always been our claim to fame. When you need quick shipping for your event or promotion, we are eager to help solve your problem. Let us know how soon you need your items shipped, and we will send you a quick quote. No matter what you need or how soon, we are here to serve you.


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