Local installation is available for the order of your custom vinyl print Sticker Genius products. Vinyl print installation is a separate and additional cost from the setup, materials, and production of your order. Local installation is available to our customers within 70 miles of our location and the cost is based on the size and difficulty of the project.

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We Can Help With The Installation

At Sticker Genius we offer local vinyl wall, floor, and more print installation services for an additional cost. Our services are currently available for Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties. Vinyl installation is available for a variety of different surface types including walls, windows, vehicles, floors, and more. The cost of our vinyl wall, floor, and more print installation services is calculated by the square footage of the products being installed and the length of time it will take us to complete the install.

Any Surface Type

Sticker Genius installation can be provided on many different types of surfaces including drywall, wood, glass, concrete, tile, and exterior vehicle bodies. Rest assured that our professional installers are skilled to handle many different material types and application surfaces. The length of time for the installation will be determined by factors like the type of surface we will be installing to, the material being used, the size of the project, and difficulty level.

Preparing For Installation

The key to a smooth installation is to make sure our installers have all the information about your project upfront. Providing important details about the location of the install, condition of the surface, temperature, and climate, and the length of time that the custom product will be installed can help our installers give the best outcome for your project. Also. prepping the area prior to the scheduled installation date will help us to expedite the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Out Of The Area

Sticker Genius currently only services local installation projects, but we have nationwide access to certified installers that can help streamline your installation needs. Our team will be willing and able to assist you in locating a certified installation professional in your area that can help complete your project.


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