What are the requirements for Transfer Decals?

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When setting up files for wall quote decals or exact cut graphics with really intricate cut paths. There are a couple guidelines to follow for our decal requirements. Since this type of graphic is cut exactly to the graphic element and/or lettering. Therefore, leaving no outline to make the sticker one piece. We require a minimum thickness of .09″ for stokes & fine lines in your graphics. Also, we require a minimum gap of .09″ between each vector shape.

custom vinyl lettering decals

Be careful with Chalkboard, Distressed, Handwriting & Sketch type graphics. This style usually creates very erratic shapes and thicknesses. For best results try to make more solid shapes when setting up files for exact cut graphics. If you are creating an outlined sticker as one piece. You can skip this guideline.

If you choose to add sharp thin elements to your artwork. We cannot guarantee the quality for your decal. For best results, we suggest rounding your shapes or making thick solid lines that are greater than .125″.

If elements in your design have sharp points, small cuts, or really fine lines unexpected results may occur. Also, files setup for an exact cut may not contain any clipping masks.

Intricate Patterns

We also try to stay away from tight lined patterns. If you are looking to have a pattern cut that has multiple lines less than 1/4 inch we could experience problems. As you can see in the pattern above these lines would be very difficult to install from transfer tape, because they are so thin.

Thin patterned cut lines for vinyl

If you absolutely need it smaller or don’t know how to check. Please send your file to us, and a professional graphic designer will take a look to see if we can make it happen.

This type of graphic is shipped with transfer tape for installation. Instructions on how to install transfer tape vinyl graphics.

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