Can you “vectorize” my logo or graphic file?

Can you “vectorize” my graphic or logo? Yes! We can take pretty much any graphic (some photography we cannot convert) and turn it into a print ready vector file for as low as $25-$60. We have a fast turnaround on all graphic design projects. Please send all inquiries to

See below for the different types.

Logo Vector Conversion

How to vectorize a logo? This will take a standard image or logo and convert it into vector format that can be scaled to any size and print with high resolution.

Vector File Conversion Artwork

File Setup

This is necessary if you have a few objects or design elements and you need a graphic designer to create a layout. Most commonly door signs or anything that may combine logos with text. This does include vector conversion of one object if needed for the file setup.

Design File Setup or Proof Fee

Graphic Design Services

This is an hourly rate for our graphic designers to create custom graphics from scratch.

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