Kiss Cut vs Die Cut

Here at Sticker Genius, we make fully customizable stickers for all occasions. We can cut stickers into a variety of different shapes and even offer custom liner types as well. One of the more common questions that is asked is what is the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers?

The answer is simple: Kiss Cut stickers are made with a larger rectangular liner backing and Die Cut stickers have a liner that is cut to the same shape of the sticker. When applied, Kiss Cut stickers and Die Cut stickers will look the same, as the shape of the sticker does not change depending on the liner chosen.

To know which liner may be best for you, you have to think about how you will be applying your stickers. 

Die Cut Stickers are very popular as they make for a cleaner-looking sticker all around. These stickers are best for promotional purposes and presentations. These types of stickers make great gifts and are best for passing out to people.

Kiss Cut stickers are better for mass application as they are easier to peel off and quicker to produce.If you are making stickers for personal use, to apply on personalized products, or are printing larger graphics, it is best to go with a Kiss Cut sticker. 

If you aren’t sure which liner type might be best for you, you can always reach out to our GeniusSupport team for more information!

**Please review the attached image below for a visual of the difference between these sticker types.

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