How can I raise funds for my school or organization?

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The best answer to that question is to contact our fundraising representative at 855-STICKLE or 855-784-2553. We offer a variety of products and ways to raise money with StickleMe’s from a purely online fundraiser to a more traditional fundraising approach. Every organization is different, that’s why every StickleMe’s fundraiser is customized to offer your organization the highest return on your investment. Our best programs raise in the 20% to 30% range.

As we specialize in kid engagement some of our most successful fundraisers involve kids participation from drawing to recreating artwork. Not skilled or unable to draw? Perfect, we specialize in making that process a fun and rewarding experience.. Our stickologist(s) will spend the time to assist with the creation of the individual’s ideas. We are good at working with many methods of communication…give us a try.

Review our fundraising page for more details.

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