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Being part of a sports organization or club can be a very fun experience. Many people love joining with other people who are like-minded in pursuing interests and activities. These can be great places to make friends and achieve similar goals together. However, one of the most common problems that organizations and clubs have is creating an identifiable image that can be used for promotion and empowerment. Even those who are fortunate enough to have the creative capacity to make their own logo have trouble creating products based around their organization or club.

Creating products based on a group’s activities or aspects can be a great way for members to show off their affiliation and pride while bringing in extra money which can be put back into the functions of the group. Even those who are not members but support the actions and activities of a club can buy the products to help lend support. But, one of the biggest hurdles is the fact that many clubs and associations do not have a distributor to help them construct their products and give them out to the public.

Sticker Genius is an online store that aims to change all of this. We can take a club, association or organization’s branding and turn it into products that can be used for promotion. Sticker Genius handles all of the distribution and creation. All that needs to be taken care of from the association’s perspective is the handing over of branding elements so that products can be produced. If a club or organization is experiencing trouble with their logo or do not currently have one, we can provide logo design according to the details that are provided to us. Our service is extremely easy to use and has provided products for many associations and clubs. Our store’s ease of use, affordability and excellent customer service are just a few of the excellent reasons why people choose our store to make their products.

Sticker Genius offers a variety of products including logo stickleme’s, helmet stickleme’s, trading cards, player wall cutouts, team photo cutouts, team banners, restickable signs and banners, back of the car stickleme’s, rally cars, restickable photo’s, restickable photo wall frames, and posters all with the ability to be branded with a team, company or organization’s logo. Sticker Genius also allows club or association members to send information such as logos or other branding elements by phone or through our customer service department. StickleMe handles all of the website content, setting up an online store automatically, taking out all of the headache of selling items in an online environment. With a vast selection of items to fit any occasion and an ability to be highly customized, StickleMe is the place to turn to for those who need products produced based around their branding elements.

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