With an abundance of sticker companies emerging in today’s oversaturated market, sometimes it’s hard to tell just who is the real deal. Custom printing is a huge asset to any business, so when choosing a vendor, it’s important to make sure it is someone you trust.

Flashy slogans and heavily discounted prices might seem ideal at first, but let’s not forget that quality beats quantity every time. There are a million different reasons you should choose us, but that list would have taken too long, so here are the top five reasons why you should pick our high-quality stickers.

1. Eco-Friendly Products

The reason our company uses the slogan “Changing the world one reusable sticker at a time” is because we truly are trying to. In a world full of disposables, Sticker Genius is trying to provide more reusable solutions for your business advertising needs. Not only is this cost-effective for our customers, but it is also protecting our environment a small step at a time. Vinyl lasts for decades, and while that’s a great thing in some contexts, it’s not always what you want or need in advertising products. Sticker Genius offers vinyl alternatives that will allow the same strong hold, but with less impact to our environment. Our Restickable StickleMe materials are biodegradable from their aqueous inks to their paper-thin material. Which means you can rest a little easier knowing these removable, eco-friendly stickers won’t overstay their welcome.

2. Dedicated Genius Team

When we ask our customers their favorite thing is about our company, the answer is almost always the same. Our hands-on, dedicated team members are the ones responsible for setting us apart from all those other sticker companies out there. Our team works directly with you from start to finish to make sure every order comes out exactly how you visioned every time. Each member of our team has a specific and important role in this company, and they all take high-quality service very seriously. So if you’re looking for a custom sticker company who cares, well, you found us.

3. Our Products Are Made Tough

Sticker Genius has a dedicated team whose main focus is to find the highest quality products that will fit your unique needs. Our website showcases a wide range of products from Removable custom stickers that peel off with ease to permanent and long-lasting decals. Our goal is to make custom designs simple, while still providing multiple options. So whether you’re looking for wall, window, floor, or vehicle graphics, we will have just the product you’re looking for.
Advertising a business requires a lot of hard work from its signage. Which is why we have tested our products to make sure they can withstand some serious wear and tear. Sticker Genius products can put up with a lot, but still, manage to keep it together and look great. Which removable, reusable, and permanent options, you’ll never have to worry about your sticker not holding up the way you expected. Our products have been customized with you in mind, in order to ensure the easiest and most straightforward delivery of exactly what you need.

4. Get Creative With Sticker Genius

Look around you; what areas do you see that could be improved by utilizing empty or unused spaces. You can beautify to your heart’s content with Sticker Genius. Our full-color printing process lets us print just about anything you can imagine. Because we do custom work, you can dream up your own decorative banners, funky graphics, fun shapes for your children’s room decor or even your own repositionable wall mural. So let us help you get decorative by designing your own world and letting you unleash your inner artist.

5. Business Solutions, Ordering Portals, and Fundraising with Sticker Genius

Sticker Genius isn’t just in the market of selling stickers. We also work on a much larger scale to collaborate with companies by creating customized online stores and ordering portals. These business solutions allow us to simplify your company’s ordering process and deliver what your business needs with ease. Annual fundraising events also become a breeze when you seek the involvement of Sticker Genius. Our customized packages make creating a campaign so easy, the money practically raises itself.

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