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Sticker Genius

Sticker Genius

Saving the world one restickable sticker at a time

Kids love nothing better than to decorate their own spaces, but giving them a can of paint and letting them go to town is just not an option. Instead, indulge their creative impulses with Sticker Genius’ giant wall graphics and restickable photos. Every kid loves stickers, and Sticker Genius products are just like big custom stickers for walls, mirrors, doors, and even ceilings. Let them create their own room decor without risking permanent pink polka dots! Sticker Genius products have some very special features that make them perfect for children’s room decor, but you’ll see they’re good for a whole lot more.

Here are five reasons to pick Sticker Genius over other wall cutouts:

1. Eco-Friendly StickleMe
The boy band that made your teenaged heart beat faster is in your past, but the vinyl stickers you posted on your notebooks are still around somewhere. Vinyl lasts for decades, and while that’s a great thing in some contexts, it’s not what you want in a sticker. StickleMe images are biodegradable from their aqueous inks to their paper-thin material. When your tween is ready to move on to the next pop sensation or favorite team, so are removable, eco-friendly StickleMe stickers.

2. Sticker Genius Products Stick to Everything but the Family Pet.
StickleMe custom stickers cling to any clean surface but peel off with ease. As long as their adhesive backing stays clean, they’ll stay put for as long as you like. Use them to create your own repositionable wall mural, place tags on dresser drawers to help little ones learn to dress themselves like the big kids or support the home team with school pride stickers. The sticking power of StickleMe’s adhesive is so strong that you can even use them as custom repositionable car decals.

3. StickleMe’s by Sticker Genius Are Tough
Kids put serious wear and tear on everything around them — including their parents. Like you, StickleMe’s put up with a lot, but manage to keep it together still while looking great. No matter how much you pull, tug or fold StickleMe stickers, they’ll bounce right back to their usable form. When a vinyl sticker doubles over on itself, it’s practically impossible to pull it apart again. Vinyl stretches out of shape and tears under pressure, but StickleMe’s won’t.

4. Get Creative With Sticker Genius
Look around you; what do you see that could be improved with pictures of the family cat, pop-art graphics or self-stick thought bubbles? You can beautify to your heart’s content with Sticker Genius. Our full-color printing process lets us print just about anything you can imagine. Because we do custom work, you can dream up your own decorative banners, funky graphics, fun shapes for your children’s room decor or even your own repositionable wall mural.

You’ve probably seen those big sports stickers that feature a few famous players. Maybe your little guy or gal is a fan of a player who isn’t yet a big enough star for a pre-printed image. With Sticker Genius, everyone on the team can look like a superstar. Take your camera to the next Pop Warner game and turn pictures of your kids into life-sized sports stickers to make them feel like MVPs.

Sure, kids love stickers, but should they have all the fun? Play with stickers yourself with custom repositionable car decals that won’t hurt your car’s finish. Show school spirit with a banner across your rear bumper or add some fanciful flowers that set your car apart from everything else in the lot. You can also get decorative on a smaller scale with custom laptop skins. Pre-fab laptop skins are cute, but designing your own lets you unleash your inner artist.

5. Fundraising with Sticker Genius
Remember when we talked about how great it is that StickleMe decals are biodegradable? They’re also photodegradable; that means they begin to fade in sunlight after about ten months. This makes them perfect for annual fundraising events. Because they don’t harm surfaces, buyers are always willing to get new StickleMe’s. Custom decals featuring the local sports team, church group or school can feature days and dates because buyers know they’ll be replacing them regularly.

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