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Branding company vehicles is an excellent way to advertise and promote your business. Delivering promotional messages on the go is a great way that business owners can potentially increase their sales and consumer impressions on a daily basis. There are a few different factors to consider when it comes to vehicle wraps including, type, services, and cost. Sticker Genius is here to help provide a better understanding of these options.

When considering a vehicle wrap, the first thing you will need to know is that there are 3 different types of vehicle wrap types. A full traditional wrap, partial wrap, and individual sticker placement. Even though the three options for vehicle graphics may seem very similar, each method is quite different in its own ways. Having a simple one-color logo can portray one thing while having a full-wrap design can portray something completely different. So, before you can move forward with your vehicle branding, you will need to consider which option will suit your needs the best.

Full Wrap

Full wraps offer complete coverage, covering the entire vehicle. With a full-wrap design, every aspect of the car can be covered including the windows with perforated vinyl, the bumpers, and tailgate or hatchback. A full-wrap design transforms your vehicle into a digitally printed billboard on wheels.

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap covers between 25% and 75% of your vehicle, but still delivers a great impact when designed properly. One of the biggest differences of a partial wrap is the cost-effectiveness, compared to a full wrap. Another difference is that you have greater freedom and flexibility with a partial wrap than with the traditional wrap option. You can also change a partial wrap vehicle wrap design whenever you want, and the update will always cost less than a paint job or full-wrap. People can often mistake a good partial wrap design, for a fully wrapped vehicle.

Individual Sticker Placement

Similar to magnets, auto body decals cover only a small area of the vehicle and can be cut to any custom shape to contour the vehicle body. Individual sticker placement can be a great option for a small business owner who uses their personal vehicle for company purposes. At Sticker Genius, auto body decals come in many different options, some are even reusable. This makes a great option for someone who may not always want their company information displayed on their vehicle.

Vehicle wrap prices can vary due to the wide range of design services, graphic options, and installation requirements. Some of these options are optional, such as graphic design services and installation, if you have the resources to provide these steps yourself. Cost for these services can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the options you choose. Sticker Genius primarily specializes in the production and materials of vehicle wrapping. Although, we do offer graphic design and installation services if needed. Whether we will be providing the services or not, our team is trained to ask a variety of questions about the project to make sure that every step of the vehicle wrap process goes smoothly.

Graphic Design

Design files are a very important consideration as well as the first step to completing your vehicle wrap. Some customers that come to us prepared to purchase vehicle wraps will already have a design created that meets our file-requirements. When that is the case, they can just send us the files to make the quoting process much faster and easier.

If that is not the case and you’re coming to us looking to pay for design services, a great place to start is to send photos of your vehicle, as well as the make, model, and year of the vehicle. Any measurements that you have taken or descriptions about the design you’re looking to create can also be very helpful. You may already have some type of idea, but just don’t know all the options available to you, which is what our team can help map out for you. The more information about your vehicle, design, and project expectations you can provide to us, the smoother the entire process will go.

Production & Materials

Production times for vehicle wraps can vary depending on what types of services you will need to have included in your project. If you are planning to use Sticker Genius for a start to finish project, you can expect somewhere around a few weeks for full completion of the wrap. Since Sticker Genius prints custom designs, you will always need to account for production and printing time, even if you already have your design files created ahead of time.

Although there are multiple different types of materials available when it comes to vehicle graphics, there are a few common go-to’s when dealing specifically with vehicle wraps. Our conforming vinyl is most popularly used for our full and partial wrap designs. The material is a 2 mil, opaque film used to produce medium to long-term graphics on the interior or exterior surfaces including vehicles, buildings, signs, and windows. The conforming vinyl film offers excellent hiding power and has a pressure-activated, repositionable adhesive, which offers easy installation and reliable adhesion.

Another popular material type used for vehicle wraps is perforated one-way window vinyl films. Somewhat similar to window tint, perforated window vinyl makes it difficult to see inside the vehicle from the exterior, but still allows the driver and passengers to easily see from the inside looking out. A 50/50 hole diameter pattern makes it ideal for vehicle window graphics because it provides outstanding one-way visibility without compromising the integrity of the vehicles graphics. This type of material is ideal for rear and side windows, allowing for almost maximum coverage of the vehicle.


The last step to any vehicle wrap, whether it is a full, partial, or individual sticker placement, is the installation service. This step can be very tricky to master, so professional installation is always recommended. Due to the detailed lines and curves of such a complicated surface, installing these wraps requires special techniques such as heating and stretching the conforming materials. The time it takes for installation can vary between a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the wrap and the type of vehicle to be wrapped.

Vehicle wrap installers should have credentials and be certified or trained to deliver the highest quality installation the industry has to offer. Choosing a certified installer will help to ensure that your wrap will be installed correctly and provide the longest lifetime. Using a certified installer will also provide an extra level of quality assurance of the finished product.

The process of ordering my vehicle wrap with Sticker Genius was quite simple. Someone from their team is always willing to guide you. The team will set up design and are quick to respond with details and designs.

Gjon Gegovic
Now that you know the available options Sticker Genius provides in vehicle wraps, please feel free to contact us for a quote if you’re ready to start your project.
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