Custom Print Genius Desk Shield


EASY SETUP: All-plastic, tri-fold corrugated construction

VISIBILITY: Large see-thru view shield

SAFE: Implements social distancing and physical separation, prevents transmission of viruses and germs carried by respiratory droplets

MEASURES: Large: 23” x 24” (Window opening: 19” x 20”)
(Unfolded: 55” x 24”)

SANITIZE: Clean with paper towel or disinfectant wipes

CUSTOMIZABLE: Add dry-erase a calendar or notepad, identification stickers, school/office branding


Provide safety and protection for your students or employees with this convenient, portable, and totally customizable social distancing desktop barrier. The Genius Desk Guard is made from corrugated plastic that can be easily cleaned and disinfected for reuse.

Foldable, freestanding, and transportable, this economical option provides additional security for parents, teachers and administrators. Set this Custom Print Desk Shield on a desk, table, reception counter, or wherever your students or staff need a protective barrier.

Customize with a business logo, show off school pride with mascot stickers, or personalize and/or organize your desk space with reusable and dry-erase stickers.


Corogated Plastic



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