Stall Maintenance Sign


Type: StickleMe
Properties: Restickable Graphics
Shapes: Square, Circle, Rounded Rectangle, Custom Shape
Size: 8″, 12″, 18″, 24″


A Courtesy to Everyone

As a courtesy, businesses stay on top of their facility’s maintenance and notify others when problems cannot be resolved in a timely manner. You have a solution to keeping your customers informed with our bathroom maintenance sign. It kindly suggests for visitors to move to another stall. At Sticker Genius, we know that this small courtesy can make a business shine.

Perfect for Multiple Bathrooms

Our bathroom maintenance sign can help no matter how many stalls you have to care for on a daily basis. Order one or more our bathroom out of service signs and use them on each malfunctioning area. Peel the stickers off the backing, stick a sign on each door and lock every stall tightly. You will always be ready with a reusable sticker because our products are incredibly versatile, including:

  • Strong backing for easy reapplication and storage
  • Up to 100 application times
  • Crisp graphics on each sticker

Customize to Your Clientele

At Sticker Genius, we can print any customized image you have for a malfunctioning stall. You can easily alter the language on the sticker or brighten the colors. Ask for large stickers for bathrooms that are extremely busy. Small or private bathrooms might require a more subtle sticker design. It is all up to your business style. Our bathroom maintenance sign stickers are meant to complement your brand while looking professional.

Consult With a Stickologist

If you are unsure about your bathroom out of service sign order, speaking to one of our Stickologists is the best way to start your sticker journey. We have many years of experience working with businesses in every industry. Pick out a circular or rectangular sticker that matches the bathroom’s decor, for example. An informational bathroom out of service sign sticker does not have to be boring or unsightly. We strive to create works of art with our stickers as their durable surfaces shake off grime at every turn. Sticker Genius is ready to help enhance your business with subtle reminders.

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