Stop Bullying Restickable Sign

Type: StickleMe
Properties: Restickable
Size: 18″ x 5.5″
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Encourage Positivity

This “Stop Bullying” Sign sticker is simple yet powerful, reminding students, employees and other patrons that negativity is not rewarded at this facility. At Sticker Genius, we believe that bold statements placed throughout a business or school can make a difference. The benefits of this particular sticker include:

  • Custom sizes
  • The availability of bulk orders
  • It’s restickable on nearly any surface

Crisp Colors Every Time

Sticker Genius prints every “Stop Bullying” Sign sticker with our high-quality printing machines. You will never experience a sticker with a pale or out-of-focus appearance as clear, bright colors are the hallmark of our stickers.  This particular Stop Bullying sign mixes black, white and red hues into a strong personal statement. Our products are always customized to your needs, and we can alter various aspects of this sticker with your guidance. There are almost no limitations with our product lines.

Versatile for Multiple Areas

Start with one sticker and slowly add new ones to your business. You can use your initial sticker in multiple areas as you see fit. Stick it in a busy hallway, and then move it next week where new issues have been flaring up. The Anti Bullying Sign sticker should remain in place without any adhesion problems for up to 100 uses. Ideally, purchase several identical stickers in order to rotate them into your facility. They’ll always be at eye-level where people can be reminded of their manners.

Starting Your Order

Your school or business is a unique community of people, so start with a “Stop Bullying” sticker that fits your needs. Contacting Sticker Genius through our phone lines, email or social media is the best way to start your order. We will ask you a few questions and offer practical solutions. Our employees are known as Stickologists, and they are able to understand your needs and apply them to the products on hand. Using Anti Bullying Signs and stickers to convey messages around a facility is a positive step into a better tomorrow.


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