Retro Pink Squares Growth Chart


Type: StickleMe
Properties: Removable & Restickable
Print Size: 8″ x 58″

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Keep Track Of Your Child’s Growth

Children grow up fast. It seems that almost in the blink of an eye they go from babies snuggling in your arms to teenagers getting ready to drive. As they get older, you almost forget how small they once were. Therefore, it is important to keep track of their growth. There is a feeling of nostalgia you will experience every time you look back and see how little they once were. It is also key that you are keeping track of their growing height in order to see that your child is hitting all of the milestones.

Perfect for Classrooms

If you work in a classroom, you will see how fun it is to keep track of your students’ growth throughout the year! They love seeing how fast they progress and you will love seeing how happy it makes them. It can then be turned into a learning process. Therefore, these removable height charts are great for public places like classrooms and even doctors and nurses offices.

The Benefits

The Retro Pink Squares Growth Chart is fun and eye-catching.

  • It has a bright pink color with a cool design composed of squares around the edges.
  • There is an option for you to customize it with a name.
  • The sticker is removable and restickable.

Perfect for Any Wall

Overall, this removable height chart glides on smooth. There will be no unsightly bumps and wrinkles once you apply. Rather, this Retro Pink Squares Growth Chart looks like it is actually part of the wall. The material is shiny and easy to write on so that you will have no problem keeping track of your child’s growth. You will love how you will not miss any of your child’s milestones. Your child will love the fun of making a tally that represents just how big they are getting!


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