With our ingenious adhesive, reposition our custom growth chart decals at any time. There is no messy residue to deal with, and your memories will always be preserved.

No Sticky Worries

When you were growing up, your door frame may have been repeatedly marked with measurements and dates from your makeshift growth chart. This haphazard way of keeping up with your child’s growth does not have to be lost to that next paint job. At Sticker Genius, we carry several different custom growth chart decals that give you a chance to record those memories without marring the door frame.

Order as Many as You Desire

Do you only need a demonstration chart for your business, or are there many customers just waiting for their chance to pick out a sticker design? Regardless of your needs, we are pleased to offer you the flexibility that you need during ordering. Simply pick out the quantity that you desire, and we will create and ship those products right to your door. We never penalize you with expensive costs when the quantity is low either. Our team understands that the customers need a change at any moment.

Sticker Genius also offers wall growth charts for kids in almost any dimension. Pick out the sizes that work for your clients, and you will have the products in no time.

Customized Beauty

You might be overwhelmed by all of the bright colors on each wall growth chart, but the kids will love the imagination that goes into these stickers. Each personalized growth chart sticks cleanly to the wall so that each measurement is as accurate as possible. Move the growth chart wall decal at any time, and no measurement will be lost to a torn or damaged sticker.

Stickologists to the Rescue

If you are in a creative rut, allow our Stickologists to help you with ideas for your next order. You are welcome to explore our wall growth chart category page where each design is clearly labeled and pictured. Click on the desired style, and you can customize it in a matter of minutes. Sticker Genius wants to make it a user-friendly experience, so get started on choosing a growth chart today.

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