No Cell Phones


Type: StickleMe
Properties: Restickable Graphics
Shapes: Square, Circle, Rounded Rectangle, Custom Shape
Size: 8″, 12″, 18″, 24″


Stickers for Your Workplace Needs

If you are searching for top-quality stickers to announce the presence of a special “No Cell Phones” section in your office or waiting area, we have just what you need. Our special red-and-black “No Cell Phones Allowed” sign can be custom ordered to fit your specific needs as it is available in all shapes and sizes.

When you are the owner of an area that requires special safety considerations, such as the turning off of all cellphones, you will need a special sticker that warns people such procedures are in place. Ordering our “No Cell Phones” symbol decal is a great way to let it be known that you are taking special care of the safety and comfort of all visitors to your area.

Stickers Are Available in All Shapes and Sizes

Here at Sticker Genius, we can quickly print a “No Cell Phones Allowed” sign in the size of your choosing. You can also choose the shape of your sticker to fit the space where you require it.

Custom Stickers for Your Waiting Area

Our special custom stickers come with a variety of features that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Our “No Cell Phones” symbol decal comes in a variety of shapes including circle, square, rounded rectangle, or any custom shape that you prefer.
  • The written content, “No Cell Phones Allowed” is in clear, bold type as well as a picture of a cell phone with a line through it
  • These custom stickers can be applied and re-applied in a variety of locations

Ordering Our Custom Stickers Is Easy and Convenient

Our specially customized stickers can be ordered directly from our online store with the greatest of ease. Our Sticker Genius customer service representatives can help you place an order today to make your waiting room or business area an official “No Cell Phones” zone.

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