Removable And Reusable Stickers
Being a leader in custom sticker printing means a lot of things, but one of the most important things is providing multiple material options to our customers in an attempt to meet every unique project need that is presented to us. One of the most common questions we come across is what is the difference between our removable and reusable materials, and why someone should choose one over the other.

Removable & Repositionable Decals

Materials such as Removable Genius Vinyl and Removable Genius Floor Vinyl are all just as easy to remove as they are to install. The low tack adhesive allows these decals to be installed and removed in one piece with ease. These short-term removable material options are specifically designed to not leave residue behind upon removal from most surfaces. A large benefit to using our repositionable materials is that they are made for self-installation as well as self-removal. They are also convenient for hard to install projects because even if you mishandled or have not installed your graphic correctly, it can easily be peeled back and fixed. So minor errors will never affect the overall end result of your project.

Removable materials are also ideal for business owners that are leasing a space or offices that tend to shuffle things around somewhat frequently. Removable vinyl works great on a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, painted drywall, sanded wood (without lacquer) and most any nonporous or non-textured walls. Certain surfaces will allow for removable materials to be reused a time or two, but it is never guaranteed. Removable vinyl is perfect for short-term events, parties, or promos where pop-up graphics need to be quick and easy to install/remove.

Truly Reusable Decals

If you’re looking for a more long-term or versatile option, we also offer truly reusable stickers in two different sticker types. The Restickable StickleMe is our most popular reusable sticker and is available as a white sticker type only with full-color print to the edges. The adhesive is on the back of this sticker type. Restickable StickleMe can be peeled and restuck 100+ times and will not cause damage to the surface it is applied to or leave a sticky residue behind. Our Repositionable Micro-Suction Cling has no adhesive but is still a print that is reusable. It is available as a white or clear sticker type and can be used for front facing or inside glass mount purposes.

The type of surface you are working with be the deciding factor between which of these materials will work better for the project. StickleMe will stick to most hard to stick surfaces, including cinder block but two surfaces that StickleMe may not stick to are stucco or textured walls, and fabric. Fabric surfaces leave fiber on adhesive, which can reduce the StickleMe’s reusability. While Micro-Suction applies to surfaces using no adhesive and works great with flat surfaces such as glass, coroplast, metal, plexiglass, vinyl, Formica, stainless steel, and most plastics. Used on the right surface, Micro-Suction can have a longer lifetime than StickleMe and can also be installed using the “wet apply” method to extend the duration of these decals.

We understand that sometimes you need to use stickers on more than one occasion or apply them to multiple different surface types. Which is why each and every one of our special custom reusable stickers is made of the finest quality materials in order to ensure a long lifetime of use. If you’re unsure of what type of material would work best for your project, our knowledgeable team of Stickologists will always be available to answer any questions you might have and steer you in the right direction.  Let us help handle all your custom sticker needs. 

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