Can I cancel my order?

Order placed

You may cancel after your order has been placed (before proofs have been generated) with no hidden fees.

Order placed and proofs sent

If your order has already been processed and your order proofs have been generated by a graphic designer. You can cancel the order and will be refunded less $10 for the proof fee. So if your order was $245.23 you would be refunded $235.23 if a designer has spent time setting up your print file(s) and proof(s).

If your order proofs have been approved

Our production team receives files instantly after you approve your proofs for production. Therefore, it has been printed and is in our workflow being handled by our production team. To cancel you will need to contact our support team to determine the refundable amount. Typically it will be a 50% refund for a cancelled production order with no materials being shipped as it has been cancelled.

If your order has been completed and shipped.

If your order has left our facility no refunds are available. If you need to redirect the package, we can contact our shipping channels to determine cost to intercept and redirect a package. We hope this article provided you with useful information on how to cancel an order.

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