Colgate Lacrosse Team
Colgate University has breathed some serious new life into their Men’s Lacrosse locker room leading up to the new season. What an awesome surprise for the players of the 2019 season to walk into! We don’t like to toot our own horn but our Sticker Genius team continues to crush it in the transformation department. 

After developing considerable wear-and-tear on the Raiders Lacrosse Locker Room, the Colgate coaching staff decided it was time for an upgrade. The locker room is a place where relationships are built and memories are made, not just a place to store cleats, helmets, and uniforms. The locker room should be a team’s home – a place for team strategizing, prepping for a big game, celebrating a win, or regrouping from a tough loss. The brotherhood that is created inside of a locker room provides a family atmosphere and sense of community both inside and outside of it’s walls. So it’s only natural that the coaches wanted this area to be a special place for their players.

Here is what the team was working with before the transformation


The transformation idea was presented about two months ago. The Raiders coaches presented the renovation idea and requested Sticker Genius’s help with streamlining their vision and design. The overall process of this amazing locker room only took just a little over a week, from start to finish. Upon completion of the installation process, new custom signage welcomed the arrival of new players. Upgrades included a new custom wall wraps, a new couch, and all new custom locker signage. The project created a night and day difference. When the team came in and saw the lockers, it was amazing. It was almost like Christmas as a kid. It was an amazing experience and Sticker Genius was glad to be a part of it.

Here is the Colgate locker room after the transformation

Sticker Genius specializes in custom school, locker room, and facility graphics. If you’re looking to make updates to your organization’s current space, we have the perfect options to help you do it.  Our premium materials combined with talented graphic designers and experienced installers is guaranteed to deliver beautiful results to any potential room transformation every time. Have an idea or project that you think Sticker Genius can help with? Contact our customer support team today and we can help get your vision in motion.

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