Sticker Genius And StickleMe, The Perfect Combo

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Sticker Genius will bring whole new meaning to the concept of sticking to what you know! StickleMe’s are restickable ways to showcase your logo, branding, marketing messages, and promotional signage. Elevate your promotional swag, marketing material, even your children’s room décor to a whole new level. Sticker Genius labels, signs, decals, stickers, wall cutouts and banners can be repositioned or restuck with up to 100 uses. Sticker Genius’ material is made of durable construction means no rips or tears called StickleMe. They even stick to concrete! With the use of the StickleMe stickers you can make your promotions pop with repositionable signs for your tradeshow booth or display area.

Creative events utilize Sticker Genius life-size standups or life-size wall cutouts. These graphics are great for events such as a fundraiser, sporting events, and company announcement events. Hand-out car decals or custom stickers, and StickleMarks (a cut to shape giveaway that is research-proven to not be thrown out) with your message. Make yours the message that truly sticks in the mind of a potential client, customers and sponsors. A great alternative to printing labels, StickleMe material can be used again and again.

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Sticker Genius items are also a creative, colorful and unique way to decorate your child’s room without the messiness of paint or permanent decals. Sticker Genius room décor is fun, fashionable and a great way for your kids to express themselves. Let them show school spirit and fly their flag – then restick it somewhere else! Sticker Genius has thought of everything – so we have your kid’s and teenager’s school pride stickers, sports stickers, laptop skins, helmet stickers, or any custom sticker and custom decal covered!

The other rooms in your home will benefit from Sticker Genius’ giant wall graphics, even a repositionable wall mural to place and replace at your every whim! Why hassle with framing every single family and event photo when you can create photos to display in the kitchen, foyer, bedroom, along the stairs or any blank wall space with photo collages with your own personal design – then change them when the mood strikes. StickleMe restickable photos are also a great way to decorate your place for a birthday party, wedding or baby shower, graduation reception. All of your photographic memories and moments in stickable arrangements for family and friends to enjoy that can be repositioned afterward for everyday enjoyment.

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For you advertising guru’s that want to take advantage of every promotional opportunity, Sticker Genius laptop skins, custom stickers and custom decals baring your logo or blasting your website and tagline are the way to go. Try StickleMe custom repositionable car decals to show the public how you roll – with Sticker Genius!

Whether you have a custom sticker, photo, sports logo, school emblem, catch phrase, or tagline that you want to display, stick with Sticker Genius! Create hand-outs, promo tools, or simply stick and restick StickleMe material stickers in your home, office, on a laptop, or car. You can even use StickleMe’s instead of a business card. For a fun, unique line of products to help you make your mark – stick it with Sticker Genius!

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