Graphic Designer Job in Troy

Sticker Genius is your number one source for terrific products that your organization, sports team, company, or school will benefit from! Whether you’re interested in restickable or repositionable car decals to use for marketing on the go or life-size standups for great promotions. has the best materials and products for you. Our company offers classic promotional products like restickable banners, signs, and decals, but we also have exciting new types of products that will make your marketing fresh, new and fun!

For example, take advantage of our innovative sticklemark, a brand new customizable sticker that is restickable and repositionable. Sticklemarks are totally cool and an effective way to get the word out about your favorite sports team or your school fundraising event. A restickable logo can be put on any surface and reused multiple times, and these promotional stickers can be given out at all types of events. Better yet, you can customize them to say or depict whatever you want! Sticklemarks are the best way to market an event, organization, or company.

Get QR Codes, restickable photos, and repositionable signs to promote your group effectively. You can be as creative or classic as you want, but our new products are functional yet still exciting. Custom stickers and custom decals are great ways to make your marketing efforts playful and cool. We can create any images or graphics you want, making your promotional dreams come to life. Utilize our products to do exactly what you want to cover all of your marketing needs.

In a world full of boring flyers and posters, what could be better than a completely custom repositionable sticker, some restickable logos, or promotional decals? Our products are still new and fresh, so you can get the word out and impress your community, business, or school with products they haven’t seen before.

Take advantage of all we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed by our creative, enticing marketing products, and we will customize everything exactly to your specifications.

Don’t go back to the same old flyers taped to the wall. Something more interesting will have the impact you want!

Head to Sticker Genius to find the most innovative marketing products out there!

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