Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy


Type: StickleMe
Properties: Restickable
Size: 8″ x 2.5″

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Eye-catching Sticker For All Runners

This Running is Cheaper than Therapy sticker is guaranteed to turn the heads of runners in full agreement with this statement. If you can testify to the truth of the notion that running is cheaper than therapy, purchase this eye-catching sticker. If you are not in love with it on the back of the car window, do not worry. These running stickers for cars are easy to peel off and reapply anywhere. For example, a popular place to apply these stickers is a car bumper, and they will easily adhere without the sticky residue.

Easily Customizable

In addition to custom sizes, you can choose to purchase a bunch of these Running is Cheaper than Therapy stickers in bulk for others. You have the option to remove and re-stick the decal to the car in multiple places without any smears or adhesive stuck to the glass, which makes it an environmentally friendly purchase as well.  Furthermore, it is nice to know that even though the running stickers for cars are easily removable, it will not fly off the side of the car when you are driving.

What to Expect

  • Conveniently restickable
  • Running stick figure accompanies text
  • Bold, block text is easy to read

The customer service team at Sticker Genius is so incredible that we call them Stickologists. They understand the specifications of each product that is offered through the company, and they are able to help you patiently and adequately navigate through the purchase of a Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy sticker. Because we are a company that is primarily based online, we make it a point to make sure the customer service experience for each customer is flawless.

Moving Forward

If you would like to purchase our running stickers for cars, our excellent customer service team can help you out. We are happy to facilitate your requests and make sure you receive the exact sticker design you are looking for.


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