Removable Bus Graphics

A Perfect Vehicle for Promotion

Bus graphics are a fantastic advertisement for any business or event. Whether you are running for office, are promoting a concert tour, or are simply looking to get the word out about your dental practice, bus stickers are a fairly forthright way to draw attention to your business. At Sticker Genius, our hardwearing, high-resolution, fully repositionable and easily removable bus graphics are custom-printed and look fantastic.

Customize Your Bus With Our Graphic Design Team

We understand that not all buses are the same, and not all sensibilities are the same. All our bus graphics are completely customizable. Simply upload the graphic you want to make into a decal, and our talented team of graphic designers will help you decide everything else — how large your graphic needs to be, how you would like your decal cut, how many decals you need ordered. Need a graphic developed? No problem. For a reasonable fee, our graphic designers can help you create a fantastic-looking custom image. Your bus will look absolutely phenomenal after we are done with it. If you ever feel like adjusting or removing your decal, our adhesive can be stuck and re-stuck up to 100 times.

Stickologists Are Here to Help

At Sticker Genius, customer service is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and we wholeheartedly believe in our customer service representatives. We call them “Stickologists.” The Stickologists know everything there is to know about our products, and can help you with any issue you may be having. Whether you need to optimize bus decals, need to order another set of large decals, or simply want to check in on your shipping status, Stickologists are always on call and ready to give you a helping hand. Start working with Sticker Genius today and make your bus look fantastic with our bus graphics!


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