Please Use A Different Stall Custom Wall Graphic


Type: StickleMe
Properties: Restickable Graphics
Shapes: Square, Circle, Rounded Rectangle, Custom Shape
Size: 8″, 12″, 18″, 24″

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Keep Your Visitors Informed

Keeping your visitors informed about an out-of-order bathroom stall helps make their time in your business more pleasant. They will not have to deal with the frustrating experience of using a broken or malfunctioning toilet or a stall with a door that does not lock. Our restroom out-of-order sign wall decals helpfully inform your guests to use another stall. Applying these custom decals helps save your staff time so that they are not interrupted by people telling them of a problem in the restroom. Using these custom wall graphics can help prevent further damage or disruption by keeping customers aware or plumbing or mechanical issues.

Customize Your Graphics

You can customize your restroom out-of-order sign wall decal with any design that you wish. You could include a bold symbol to get attention or use a large font in a vibrant color. Sticker Genius wall graphics let you:

  • Select a variety of shapes and custom contours
  • Use any color of graphics and letters
  • Choose a size appropriate for your restroom

Durable Wall Stickers

Our durable wall graphics can be removed as soon as repairs have been made to the bathroom stall. You can then reapply the backing and store your custom wall graphic until you need to use it again. These restroom out-of-order sign wall decals work well on all types of doors, including those made of metal and wood. They attach securely to painted and glossy doors as well as those that are still unfinished.

We Provide Great Customer Service

Our team at Sticker Genius takes pride in delivering a personal customer service experience to all of our clients. We take the time to help you learn about our product options and how to use and care for the wall graphics after you receive them. If you need some assistance in deciding how to display your new wall graphics, it is easy to contact one of our knowledgeable Stickologists for helpful advice.

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