Handicap Entrance Door Graphic


Type: StickleMe
Properties: Restickable Graphics
Shapes: Square, Circle, Rounded Rectangle, Custom Shape
Size: 8″, 12″, 18″, 24″

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Identify Your Handicapped Areas

More public facilities are being required to clearly identify where the handicapped entrance is located. Large wall display stickers can help your visitors find the ramp or large door much more easily. Your business will display superior customer service and fulfill your public duty with a customizable, restickable handicap entrance door graphic.

Helping Disabled Visitors Find the Way

Whether your organization or store is visited by the elderly or someone with a recent injury, you should post a clear display to help the handicapped or wheelchair bound find the ramp and elevator to move about your building. Our restickable handicap entrance door graphic provides:

  • Solid lettering for easy visability
  • Re-stickable backing for quick removal
  • Various shapes to fit the size required by your building

Improve Traffic Flow

Our handicap entrance door graphic can be moved numerous times due to the restickable adhesive on the back. It will not leave any glue mess on your walls. This can be useful if you want to re-position the wall display in different parts of your facility. Proper signage can improve the traffic flow in your facility and demonstrate your commitment to being a good host.

Excellent Customer Service

This temporary Sticker Genius handicap entrance door graphic is designed to make it easier for visitors to navigate your building, and our ordering process is designed to make it easier for you to get durable, vibrant graphics exactly to your specifications. You can choose the lettering and imagery on your handicap entrance sticker. This sign also comes in different sizes and shapes. Your facility will be able to put up custom signage based on your space requirements. If you need to speak with a customer service representative about certain design and color requirements, it is simple to discuss your needs with our friendly Stickologists.

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