Contactless QR Menu


QR Code Menus are great for providing a cleaner and healthier restaurant experience for people everywhere.

With a simple scan of a QR Code, customers can view your customized virtual menu at the click of a button.

QR Code Menus for restaurants can be placed anywhere you want when printed on our top of the line sticker materials.

The best part about QR Code Menus is that they are eco friendly too!


SIZE 4 inch Wide by 6 inch Tall


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What Is a QR Code?
QR is short for “quick response” as QR Codes send information lightning quick. QR Codes are two-dimensional machine-readable optical labels that contain encoded information. In simpler terms, a QR code is similar to a barcode in the sense that it sends information such as URLS, images, texts, payment information, and login information to anyone you want. Receiving information online is easier than ever when using QR Codes, so why not try them now?

Menu Ordering Made Easy
QR codes are a great way to let your customers view and purchase items from your menu effortlessly while still maintaining proper health protocols. You can place our QR Codes on your website, tables, windows, hostess stands, and almost any other surface you can think of. Customers can view your menu by scanning your code in the comfort of their own home, their car, while waiting for a table, or while sitting at the bar. In addition to this you can change your virtual menu anytime, and customers will see the new changes as soon as it’s updated. Ordering food has never been easy with our restaurant QR Code Menus.

A Cleaner, Safer Choice
With new health concerns and guidelines regarding the food industry popping up, QR Code Menus are a safe alternative for all to use. Paper menus have been reported to be the dirtiest item in restaurants as the material is passed from person to person on a regular basis. Our contactless QR Code Menus allow for customers to view and purchase items safely without having to touch anything besides their mobile device. By choosing a QR Code Menu, you are choosing to put the health and safety of your customers first!

Eco Friendly Alternatives
One of the best parts about choosing to use a Restaurant QR Code Menu is that they are Eco-Friendly. With new protocols coming into place paper menus will have to be thrown away and replaced after each use. Help reduce the world’s carbon imprint on our Earth by purchasing paperless QR Code Menus. Let’s step away from using paper products and go green with our QR code graphics.


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